Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Article: Cancer patient gets new pelvis via 3D printer

My latest for DigitalJournal:

Cancer patient gets new pelvis via 3D printer

Article: The Book of Graham

An interesting article came across my Facebook page today. Through my work in Web Hosting & my work in Social Media I come across people who's attitude fits right in with what the article says:


The Book of Graham


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The birth of a social network?

(Posted 20 Dec 2013)
Facebook .. Twitter.. Instagram....SnapChat. When you think social network you get so many options at times that it can be completely overwhelming.
Truth is - The social network space is completely saturated. Facebook and Twitter hold so much of the common "Market Share" that there is almost no chance of anyone succeeding in that space.
A friend of mine who has never understood the word "Impossible" decided to go ahead and try his luck at launching a "network" called Shout Hub. . I of course offered my assistance, because why not?
So when you are literally the size of a rodent walking through the sahara that is the Social Network industry what do you do?
I could not find an answer to that question.
So we did the next best thing - We started to ask our users. We took down the network which was almost 50,000 users strong (Since April '12) on December 1st and completely re-wrote the backend of the site. We hosted image uploads with Rackspace Cloud Files, Database with Google's App Engine and the web server with Cartika. We set up the site's infrastructure to be optimized for one thing -> Reliability.
We wrote in features such as YouTube & Soundcloud integration - Added Hashtag support and completely overhauled the profile system. We officially launched our Beta version last night and are once again going back to our roots and asking users what THEY want to see added to the site.
Imagine that? A social network that actually listens to it's users. Maybe the idea isn't so crazy after all? Only time will tell.